Growing up the way that I did, I became something of a pack rat. I am not sure what exactly inspired me to be that way, but I think part of it came from the charm of The Borrowers. The other part surely came from a desire to claim roots somewhere. Since we moved around so much, […]

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Cайн байна уу! There is a very possible redirection of our upcoming move to Mongolia. Originally, we were expecting to live and work in Ulaanbaatar, but it actually looks very likely that we will be moving to Erdenet instead. The second largest city in Mongolia with a population of ~100,000, Erdenet is also the capital of the […]

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This post has nothing to do with fitness except in the ways that we needed to physically move ourselves from one government building to another. No, this post is all about paperwork! Lots and lots of paperwork. Even though my parents work internationally and dragged me along with them everywhere, I really had no idea […]

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