Hello, Ulaanbaatar!

We have been in UB for a week now**. Jet lag seems to be pretty much gone, we haven’t had any major culture shock–yet–and in spite of a few sizable blisters from all of the walking we do every day, we are otherwise doing very well! It is wonderful to finally be settling into our new home […]

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Goodbye, America!

Sitting in the living room of the small suite we’ve called home for the last few weeks and realizing that in 24 hours we will be sitting in Denver International Airport waiting for our flight is a little surreal. We began this journey last August and have been working toward departure over the last year. […]

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Fort Collins

On Sunday, we were able to take a trip in to Fort Collins–a nice break from being on campus pretty much 24/7. 🙂 Clicking on the images below will pull up full size pictures.

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Rocky Mountain High

A week ago, we flew from Seattle to Denver to start our training and orientation prior to the final move to Mongolia. Like the genius that I am, I decided to wear a Seahawks sweatshirt into Broncos country. (Fortunately, Eric remembered before we got off the plane so I could take it off and avoid […]

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Wrapping Up

We are in the midst of a rest day here in Colorado, so now is a great time to catch up here on the blog! With the gracious help of friends and family, we were actually able to wrap things up in Seattle by the end of the 26th of July. It took about two […]

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