Still too tall

Bethany and I had decided to go in to the Orgil on the way home from school. There were a few items we wanted to grab for our desks at school, and this particular Orgil had a pretty good selection of things to choose from (Orgils are supermarkets with additional things like cookware and office […]

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Crazy white guy

I sat down on the stool and immediately second-guessed myself. Duma, the wonderful office assistant who had accompanied me to translate, had asked me earlier to peek in the room and see if it was the same eye doctor as last time; I had removed my contacts, but when I peeked in it looked like […]

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Our school is on the way to the Zaisan area in UB, and when we get off the bus, I can see the Zaisan Memorial from the corner. Yesterday, I took a walk on my own to Zaisan and climbed the 612 steps that leads from the base of the hill to the memorial at […]

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