September Snow


Yes, it’s October, but believe it or not, we had two snows last month. The most recent one happened on the 30th. Since then, we’ve been dodging either lakes (a.k.a. “puddles”) or swamps (a.k.a. muddy places on the sidewalks) on our commute to and from work. There have been a few times when we’re walking alongside the road with a giant puddle next to us and whoever is walking last will yell, “Bus!” and we all scramble as far from the road as we can in panic lest we get doused. It’s actually pretty entertaining. 🙂

I took some photos on our way to work on the 30th, so you can see some of the snow remnants as well as some of the sights from our normal commute. The other two guys in the photos are Hugh, our co-teacher, and one of our students from school who occasionally walks with us if the buses are too full or late.

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We have started updating our “resources” pages and have several books listed. The helpful websites page will probably take more time to update because it will be quite an undertaking. The internet is a font of helpful information!

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Mongolian Winter

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Here in the US, people have been writing about the frigid temperatures, and it really has been very cold this season! The good news in the US is that most people have access to warm housing and their livelihoods are not agrarian. This is not the case for Mongolia, where much of the population lives nomadically and relies on raised livestock.

Mongolia is also experiencing a brutal winter (or dzud) with temperatures reaching -40 C. The Telegraph reports that 2.7 million head of livestock have died from the cold so far. (The link to the Telegraph is for a gallery reporting on this and contains some graphic pictures of dead animals. If you are sensitive to this sort of imagery, be aware.) With winter lasting for several months more, the results could be devastating.

When I bundle up every morning to take the bus to work, I think about Mongolia. As the winter continues, I’ll keep posting about how things are going in the land of the blue sky.