Сайн байна уу!

There is so much to do to prepare for an international move. Our move won’t be until the end of July, but my mind is already churning through possibilities. We will be bringing two checked bags each plus a carry on and personal item each on the plane. All of that is supposed to last us for two years.


Now, to break that down, let me add that part of budget allows for setting up house once we arrive in Ulaanbaatar, and we are already planning on shipping some of our books over so that we’ll have something of our library with us there. Our personal library is massive for just two people, so obviously, we will only be bringing select books with us. Also: I am very grateful for e-readers at this point and for digital downloads from US libraries. That will ease the pain of leaving behind so many books. 😉

The real question is, can I justify bringing volumes one and two of MAFC?
The real question is, can I justify bringing volumes one and two of MAFC?

These days, as I move through our tiny apartment in Seattle, I look at our various possessions and wonder what to bring. As someone who loves to nest, I want to bring a few familiar items with us to help maintain familiarity between home in the US and our future home in Mongolia. Weight and size will put a sizable limit on these items, so I have mentally relinquished my stand mixer and the majority of my kitchen gadgets. (I am still trying to argue my own case for the need to bring my cast iron pot.) I was flipping through my cookbooks yesterday and trying to decide which ones will be most useful overseas. Anything that calls for packaged goods–like condensed cream of mushroom soup–isn’t going to cut it.

One thing that I know we won’t be able to bring with us is our two cats. Pippin and Rosie will need to stay stateside, which we believe will be best for them in the long-term as well as being cost-efficient for us. That much of a move and uncertainty would likely send Pippin to an early grave. Fortunately, we already have a wonderful home lined up for them so we don’t have to worry about them, although I am trying to appreciate them even more while I still can.

Anyone out there have great tips for international moves? I’m willing to take any and all advice!



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