An Unfortunate Event

pale EricThis is what happens when poor Eric gets a shot or blood work done. When he was younger, his body decided that it would just automatically go into shock every time he got a vaccination or any sort of needle shoved into his skin. (Finger sticks don’t affect him though for some reason…?) Anyhow, part of this whole moving thing involves both bloodwork and vaccinations, so this 6’2″ guy needs to experience this a few times in the upcoming future.

We know that if he can be horizontal prior to the needle going in, it helps, which was not the case here. (They lowered the bed down after he got pale and lightheaded.) Otherwise, there is tunnel vision and instant clamminess and really pale, worrisome skin color. Also, he gets really thirsty. The first time I witnessed this reaction, we were getting flu shots in Bartell’s, so he got to lie down on the floor of the drugstore and look pale for awhile and scare the pharmacists and other customers. Good times! 😉




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