June is busting out all over…

…which means we are in definite crunch mode for raising support. We have sent out a lot of letters and have even more to send out and are making calls,etc. (If you’re reading this, maybe you’d like to help us out? There’s a link in our sidebar if you are interested!)

This mobile at the doctor's office is more pleasant to look at than Eric's sickly hue following his injections. :-/
This mobile at the doctor’s office is more pleasant to look at than Eric’s sickly hue following his injections. :-/

Beyond financial stuff, we are preparing in other ways for this upcoming move. Unlike yours truly, Eric did not spend his childhood in the tropics, so he has to get caught up on some vaccinations. Of course, we all know what that means for him. At least the last time we went to the doctor’s office, we were prepared for the worst and had eaten breakfast sans coffee beforehand. We even brought our own water bottle. It helped, but we still had to wait awhile for Eric’s color to come back before we could leave. There is still one more round of vaccinations to go, but aside from that, we both have a clear bill of health!

Pippin helping Eric read in bed.
Pippin helping Eric read in bed.

Our initial plans for our cats need to be revised at this point, which is definitely stressful. I mean, how can you look at a cat this adorable and not want the best for him, right? He’s a sweetie–as is his “sister”–and we know that an international move will be way too much for them to handle. All the same, it’s hard to leave them behind. I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me sad. (Note: we fully understand why the original plans fell through, so this isn’t a passive aggressive comment. We get it. 🙂 )

Thinking about saying goodbye to everyone stateside is overwhelming as well. There are so many people that we’re going to miss while away. Furthermore, knowing that we will be missing important milestones and gatherings like birthdays, holidays, graduations, first steps, and more, brings a quiet tide of mourning. Alongside the joy of new growth and beginnings is a kernel of sorrow for what was. Although we are excited for this next step, it is still so hard to make this transition. Dear family and friends reading this, please remember us in this season!

We love you all and appreciate you more than words can express!


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