Still too tall

Bethany and I had decided to go in to the Orgil on the way home from school. There were a few items we wanted to grab for our desks at school, and this particular Orgil had a pretty good selection of things to choose from (Orgils are supermarkets with additional things like cookware and office supplies). One of the items we wanted to grab was a folder organizer, one for Bethany and one for me so we could clean the papers off our desk and organize them by subject.

We had grabbed most of the other things on the list, and finally got to getting the organizers. They stand a bit over 12 inches tall and probably 10-12 inches wide. There was an aisle that had a number of office supplies on one side, but there were also a few people stocking things in that aisle, so we skirted around them and got to where the organizers stood, nicely arranged on the top shelf.

Both Bethany and I hummed and hawed over which one we wanted, and finally settled on the right ones – a grey one with a drawer for Bethany and a black one for myself. I grabbed them and we went over to the cashier, set our items on the belt, and watched as the cashier started scanning things. Almost as soon as she started scanning, another gal came over and grabbed the organizers, speaking quite a bit to the cashier as she did. This seemed most curious to us – why on earth would another cashier come from a different checkstand just to grab our organizers? She looked at them, set them down and walked away, came back with someone else and grabbed them again, set them back down, walked away, and finally came back with two boxes containing organizers just like ours.

We had grabbed the display models. The ones for sale were “assembly required” and were definitely not where the display models were. This was fortunate, as I wasn’t sure how we’d be able to carry those already assembled models home and back to school without it being a huge hassle; the boxed up version fit much nicer into our packs. It was only after we had grabbed our bags from the check counter and made our way upstairs that I realized…

The top shelf is out of reach for nearly everyone in this country. A normal person would’ve had to ask for help.

Yep. Still too tall.


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