Just an Update (originally published to FB 3/9/15)

It is currently 1:11pm, and we are both still in the hospital. We had hoped that we would get the all clear to go home today, but both of our doctors want to keep us until tomorrow morning.

Eric’s gastroenteritis (and whatever caused it) has settled down. He’s been on a pretty steady diet of IV fluids and water, but he ate some of his breakfast this morning and all of his lunch just now. He’s feeling much better, and we were both a little surprised that his doctor had found some questionable stuff in his blood that is making her keep him until tomorrow. However, in general, she seems to be encouraged by his progress.

As for me, physically I am feeling quite well. Not only am I allowed to get up and walk around on my own, but my doctor even encouraged it. It’s been nice to walk to the break room (where the water cooler/boiler is) and not feel like I’m going to be scolded. My doctor did an ultrasound on me late morning to see how everything looks following the procedure. Everything looks good except for the larger myoma (or fibroid). The larger myoma has a dark area next to it that could be liquid or necrosis (such a wonderful word to come out of your doctor’s mouth). My doctor will do another ultrasound in the morning to see if the myoma has stayed the same or if it has grown. If it has grown, then she will probably need to move forward to another operation. If it has stayed the same or gotten smaller at all, then I’ll be released tomorrow and have follow up appointments to monitor the fibroids. It seems very likely that at some point, the myomas will need to be removed, but I really hope that another operation can wait for awhile and not happen this week.

Thank you all so much for continuing to keep us in your thoughts! We have appreciated every message, text, email, and visit. It has helped a lot as we continue to process, grieve, and move forward.


Beth and Eric

[NOTE: We were both discharged from the hospital in the afternoon on the following day.]

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