No Bones About It

Isn’t it funny how many sayings involve bones? In English, we have the saying used in the title of this post which implies certainty about something. You also have “dry as a bone”, “bare bones”, “chilled to the bone”, “cut [something] to the bone”, and “feel/know [something] in one’s bones”. You could even throw someone a bone! (For non-native English speakers, here’s a great site with a list of idioms using body parts.)

“I say, dear chap, that wind chills me to the bones. Why, it positively blows right through you!”
Photo by Ivu00e1n Rivero on

It should come as no surprise that other languages have sayings that involve bones as well. Today, let’s look at the phrase: яс хаях (pronounced: yas khayakh; literal translation: “to throw a bone”). Any guesses as to its meaning? It means to cause a quarrel. The reasoning behind the saying is that if you throw a bone between two dogs, it will cause them to fight over it. So if you’re creating a conflict, you’ve tossed a bone.

And that’s all we have for today!


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