New year, new baby

For readers of this blog who do not know us in person, this may come as a shock to many of you, but we recently welcomed our second baby into the world. I had every intention of posting a pregnancy announcement on here around the same time as we announced on FB and other social […]

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Approaching the Finish Line

Eric and I are just a week and some change¬†away from our finish line, but we are approaching that line in two different ways. That finish line at the end of May represents two different goals: 1) reaching the end of our second school year in Mongolia and 2) our baby’s due date. It’s uncanny […]

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We are currently in western Washington, readjusting as fireworks explode all around us. (Happy 4th of July, America!) We will only be back in the US temporarily (until mid-August), but living in Mongolia for the last 11 months was enough of a difference that reverse culture shock has still been a thing. So far, neither […]

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Family Break

We are spending this week on the Oregon coast with Eric’s family. It’s been a lot of fun to get away from everyday stressors while still giving us time to follow up with supporters and work on TEFL assignments. Enjoy the photos!

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