We are currently in western Washington, readjusting as fireworks explode all around us. (Happy 4th of July, America!) We will only be back in the US temporarily (until mid-August), but living in Mongolia for the last 11 months was enough of a difference that reverse culture shock has still been a thing. So far, neither of us has been found whimpering in the fetal position, but I just about snapped getting temporary SIM cards from Walmart today. Oi.

washington-fireworks-space-needle-hbtv-hemp-beach-tvOther than that minor hiccup, we’ve spent a lot of time relaxing and recovering from the trip over. We’ve enjoyed lengthy naps and decent sleep at night, but we’re still pretty tired these days.

Tomorrow, we will be roadtripping to southern California with my folks, my sister, and her husband. Six adults in a minivan for ~24 hours of driving. We’ll be stopping through San Fran on the way down, and I’m looking forward to picking my mom and my sissy’s brain on teaching techniques and methods while we play tourists. Hey, you gotta do something while waiting in lines. 😉

In general, it’s been good to be back and catching up with friends and family alike. If you are on the West Coast, we’d love to see you! Drop us a line. 🙂


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