Teaching Writing

Currently, I’m taking a course on teaching writing, and I am learning a lot! Getting these kinds of classes under my belt for my program pre-departure for Mongolia could not be better timing. Truth be told, I am still rather intimidated by my fellow classmates–most of whom are currently teaching in their own classrooms. Although I have a BA in education (English/TESL), I have limited classroom experience. However, my classmates have not held that against me. 😉

This course is almost philosophical in nature as much of our work and discussion revolves around exploring different practices and methods for teaching writing. Our professor encourages a variety of pedagogical positions, but he does not enforce any one philosophy.

As we near the end of the course, I can look back at the weekly topics and have a much stronger appreciation for the syllabus. At first, I couldn’t really see where the course was going, but in hindsight, I like how everything slowly built on previous material. It has given me a lot to consider in my own future classroom, and I am getting very excited to put my ideas into practice. 🙂


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