Eagle Hunting

Photo by Asher Svidensky (via Express)
Photo by Asher Svidensky (via Express)

I’ve featured a Mongolian eagle hunter on the blog before, but I came across a recent article that focuses on a girl who is learning the art.

Traditionally, Kazakh eagle hunting  is for men. Each family develops a certain style of hunting and passes that on from father to son.

In the case of Ashol Pan, her older brother was drafted into the military so her father is training her instead. For more details and pictures, check out the full article on Express, which showcases Asher Svidensky’s photography.

In unrelated news, we are continuing our preparations for traveling to Mongolia. This week, we have been focusing on getting in our final paperwork, which has included fingerprinting–fun, new experience!–and tax documents.


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