Update: Yes we are still alive!

I just realized how long it’s been since we updated the blog (two months?!) so I’m going to drop a couple of shorter updates in here to keep all y’all apprised of what’s been happening in our lives lately. ­čÖé First up: Thailand! We went to Chiang Mai, Thailand, again in late January/early February for […]

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Rocky Mountain High

A week ago, we flew from Seattle to Denver to start our training and orientation prior to the final move to Mongolia. Like the genius that I am, I decided to wear a Seahawks sweatshirt into Broncos country. (Fortunately, Eric remembered before we got off the plane so I could take it off and avoid […]

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Growing up the way that I did, I became something of a pack rat. I am not sure what exactly inspired me to be that way, but I think part of it came from the charm of┬áThe Borrowers.┬áThe other part surely came from a desire to claim roots somewhere. Since we moved around so much, […]

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