Mongolian Industries (Bonus!): Tourism

Did you think I was done with writing about Mongolian industries? Ha! Joke’s on you. We’ve got one more to talk about it as we welcome in a new month. Obviously, from the title, here is where we’ll talk about tourism.

Please try not to be an obnoxious tourist. 😀

Now, you may not think of Mongolia as a tourist destination–or maybe you do?–but tourism is a major industry, especially during the warmer months of the year. Mongolia has a lot to offer for tourism, especially if your interests lie in backpacking, hiking, or other outdoor adventures. There are a large number of tourism companies who can arrange various tours at different price points, depending on visitors’ interests.

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For example, maybe you’re interested in learning about history and culture so you would like to focus on visiting temples and monasteries or staying with a nomadic herder family. That can be arranged! Are you more interested in testing your body and taking in some beautiful nature? Then a trek through the Gobi Desert or the Altai Mountains might be more your speed. Do you want to rough it or is glamping and luxury more your style? Both can be accommodated.

What kind of tourists will you likely encounter in Mongolia? Well, all kinds, really! There are many tourists from different parts of Asia, although I’ve noticed that there seem to be higher numbers of Korean and Chinese tourists (especially those from the region of Inner Mongolia) than other nationalities. There are many Europeans who visit, especially Russians. North and South Americans find there way here as well as Africans, although they come in smaller numbers. Most people tend to come for the history and Mongolia’s nature, but there are also people who come for spiritual reasons, which is common throughout Asian nations. A lot of younger tourists seem especially interested in exploring spirituality while they travel.

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As an aside: don’t be a backpacker who asks locals for money because you’ve run out. You will be mocked and/or yelled at for this kind of behavior. Plan your travels wisely to avoid this situation entirely. (And don’t do this in any other country either.)

Here are a few further articles on visiting Mongolia:

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